Scope of activity

WINDPROJEKT LLC Limited Partnership concentrates on the realisation of the strategy of development of project-investment operations and offers its clients a wide range of engineering services, which include:

  • Acquisition and verification of lands for the placement of individual or multiple windmills
  • Acquisition and lease of land for construction purposes
  • Full handling of the official-legal side of the investment at each and every stage of its realisation until the acquirement of building permit
  • Preparation and development of construction documentation
  • The completion of documentation for the purpose of receiving the decision on environmental conditions of the project realisation approval
  • The drawing up of environmental impact assessment reports
  • Preparation of documentation required for the acquisition of the decision on public purpose investment
  • Performance of complex research and wind measurements and wind resource assessment
  • Professional wind farm designing by using the Wind Pro software
  • The drafting of the concept of the local land use planning and the handling of administrative procedures
  • Negotiation and acquisition of permits for windmill localisation from the Head of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Air Force Command
  • Computer simulation of the projected noise
  • Negotiation of satisfactory, beneficial, safe and effective wind turbine supply and installation agreements

We conduct our activities pursuant to the mandatory provisions of law (for more detailed information please follow the link “list of legal acts”) by using the experience in the power energy sector and taking into account all the updates and tendencies.

The realisation of the investment project, at each and every stage, takes place at the highest possible technical and graphic level, with the use of computer technology. The use of this solution guarantees the feasibility of the designs and takes into account the optimisations of costs.

We approach each project with both formal and essential diligence, which meets the expectations of both individual and corporate customers.