The Message

With great pleasure I would like to welcome you to the website of WINDPROJEKT LLC Limited  Partnership
WINDPROJEKT LLC Limited  Partnership with its registered seat in Warsaw is a company specialized in designing windmills.
WINDPROJEKT is a leading company on the market, existing practically since the beginning of the development of modern wind energy industry in Poland. In April 2013 we celebrated the 7th year of our activity.
We are a designing company which operates based on perfectly trained specialists from the fields of construction, planning, environment and energy, who, through their knowledge and experience, guarantee the highest level of service.
In our activity we concentrate mainly on the realisation of the strategy of development of project-investment operations. Therefore, we specialize in designing, building and producing energy from wind farms.
The project-making department has its seat in Inowroclaw, located in a poviat famous for windmills (more than 30 turbines in operation).
When completing our project documentation, we always comply with the procedures and directives mandatory in our country. For more detailed information, please follow the link “list of legal acts”.
The company has so far executed projects 261 windmills of different types of the total aggregate power of around 500 MW, out of which 300 MW is now in operation. Currently we are working on projects of the total aggregate power of more than 1000 MW.
For the projects we realise, we mainly use new, state-of-the-art turbines Vestas V90 2MW, Vestas V100 1.8MW and Vestas V112, V117, V126 3,3 MW. In our portfolio you will find projects with the total output ranging from 4 to 40 MW for a single location.
We are a reliable and proven partner for both contractors and communes, in the locations in which the wind farms are placed.

Yours respectfully
Jarosław Mochol
Chairman of the Board